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Over the years we have assisted clients in purchasing their steel buildings, for many people it may be the first time of buying or they have limited knowledge of the processes. Most of the questions and concerns are something that has become very familiar to us. We have put together a list of common questions that we get asked. Hopefully this will provide you with some of the answers, however if you require more assistance, please feel free to contact us.

SBS self-build instruction manual – coming soon

SBS self-build video demonstration – coming soon

What are the benefits of an SBS Steel Building Systems building?

Our steel framed buildings are made from pre-galvanised, cold rolled steel designed in accordance with BS5950 part 5. Our buildings are pre-engineered to your exact dimensions and are drawn using our specialist software package. Choosing our method, particularly in comparison to traditional structures, can make significant savings.

How does the SBS design save you money?

At SBS (Steel Building Systems) we have invested substantially in producing a high-quality software package with professional design and engineering already built into the system, immediately substantially reducing fees for architects, draftsmen and structural engineers. Our strong supply chain and volume of supply ensures that we purchase materials at very competitive rates. The lightweight steel sections utilised and compact nature that these can be delivered, significantly reduces haulage costs you may find with a traditional structure.

Can I purchase my steel building online?

Yes, you can purchase your steel building online, however we will need to design to your specific location, so we would urge you to speak to one of our representatives prior to placing an order.

Do I require planning permission?

This is the question we probably get asked most of all. The critical factors that affect this are size, location, and usage. We are happy to offer informal advice based on our knowledge acquired over the years, however in the first instance, we would always recommend speaking directly with your local authority with your proposal. We are happy to assist with elevation drawings to help with your discussions.

Do I require Building Regulations?

Any building over 30sqm will require building regulations, although different regulations can apply in agricultural sectors. It is important to obtain clarity regarding building regulations prior to ordering your building, in some cases this may impact on your design. We are happy to offer some advice on this but would recommend speaking with either the local authority or a private building inspector.

How long before my building can be delivered?

For a standard SBS (Steel building Systems) building our lead time to site is typically 2-4 weeks from placing an order.

Will all the materials arrive on one load?

This is dependent on the size of the building ordered and if there are any site restrictions that may impact on this. For smaller buildings, in most of cases the building will arrive in one load. For larger projects we may stagger deliveries, this is communicated prior to delivery.

What footings or foundations do I require?

Our buildings are typically designed to bolt to a concrete slab, the dimensions of which we can advise by producing a slab layout plan listing the critical dimensions. Our buildings can also fix to concrete pads if required. In terms of the thickness and design of the slab, we would recommend speaking with a local engineer. There are a number of potential issues that may influence the design, ground conditions, impact of trees or other factors. We are happy to offer advice if required but are unable to provide you with design calculations for your concrete slab. The engineer will also need to confirm the fixing details of the building to the slab.

Can I customise my steel building?

We have a range of colours, sizes and options that will help to customise your building to suit your needs.

How will I know what type of building I require?

The first thing to do is to identify the use of your building. Is it for an office, workshop, storage, garage or an industrial unit? Decide on what size you require, regarding the span, length and eaves height. If you are unsure or require any assistance from SBS, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I obtain architectural drawings?

As part of our package we can offer you elevation drawings both not to scale and to scale (costs apply). We will also provide you with a full set of structural calculations and full engineering drawings. Once your order has been placed, these items are included as standard package items, unlike some competitors.

How easy is it to erect a steel building?

Our steel framed building kits have been designed so that they are easy to construct. However, important questions to consider prior to tackling a self-build are: Have you got a practical mind? Do you have the right tools for the job? Have you got the right plant to assist in lifting the frames in to position? Have you considered all the necessary health and safety implications?

As part of your order package we provide full sets of construction drawings and an installation manual. We will shortly have an online video demonstrating a step-by-step guide. We also have a customer support team to assist you with any queries during the process.

Are all the steel components of building CE Marked?

All our steel materials are sourced from companies with CE marking, who operate with the highest levels of quality control.