Design And Price Up Your Steel Building
within Minutes…

1. Getting Started

Starting the process of ordering an SBS Building is simply done by clicking on to our online design tool, where you will need to accurately determine your building requirements, completing the relevant details ensuring accuracy in design and pricing. Once you have done this you will receive your quotation normally within 24 hours of submitting your completed form.

2. Placing Your Order

Once you have accepted the quotation and fixed your building price, SBS will instruct our design & engineering team to the next stage, based on your previously submitted information. If your building is of a non-complex nature, usually you can expect to receive all the necessary drawings and calculations within 5-10 working days.

3. Approval Of Drawings

Once we have produced your drawings, we will issue them to you for your approval together with a list for you to sign off. If you require any amendments to your building this is the time to do it. By marking on clearly on the drawings any alterations or giving us written alterations will enable us to make the changes which we will then re-issue for approval. If you are happy with all the details, we will require sign off so we can proceed to the next stage in the process.

4. Delivery And Financial Documents

Once your drawing and materials have been signed off we will confirm your delivery date and discuss any site restrictions. There are a number of factors that can influence the safe and smooth process of delivering steelwork and cladding to a site. Our ‘Help The Driver Form’ is designed to assist both you and us in making sure that there are no site constraints that are going to seriously affect the ability to deliver our products. In the majority of cases we will deliver all building components in one delivery, however dependent on the size of the building and site it may be more beneficial to stagger deliveries. We promote clear communication throughout this process with our logistics manager.