Steel buildings are, by and large very low maintenance compared to traditional buildings but still there are a small number of unique challenges and some great tips for getting the best use from your steel framed building. By taking the time to look after a steel building it will last for even longer and provide the very best possible structure and space for your business, keeping everything ticking over smoothly.

Perform routine checks on your insulation

Without a shadow of a doubt one of the key areas of importance for maintaining a steel building is the insulation. If it becomes damaged or gets weak, moisture can build up that reduces the thermoregulatory properties of the building and thus increasing costs and reducing the building’s green profile. You can also increase the risk of rust. Check for ripped, damaged or wet insulation on a regular basis.

Pay attention to the building after prolonged rainfall or snow

When there are unusual levels of rain or snow there is a chance that the panels of a large industrial steel building can rust or bend if water is left standing in any areas too long. You should definitely consider adding gutters or downspouts if you are in an area that experiences heavy rainfall. Well established drainage systems are capable of directing heavy flows of precipitation away from your building. Should you experience pooling of water around the periphery of your building then you might consider getting the advice of a landscaper to adjust the terrain to maximise runoff.

Treat minor nicks like chips in windscreens and get them fixed

If minor fissures and cracks appear in the building it is important to get them fixed before they become a more serious problem. Small scratches in skylight panels can be repaired with thick coats of refinisher.

Cleanliness is close to Steeliness!

Joking aside, keeping your building clean is absolutely one of the most important factors in making sure no problems occur that can mean more costly remedies are necessary. On an annual basis the steel building should be given a very thorough clean to prevent fungi and other damaging intruders. Ammonia and warm water applied with a soft brush or low-pressure power washer is your best friend here, although more set-in mould and mildew may require a bit of additional bleach.

Check those fasteners

Steel framed buildings are only as good as the nuts and bolts that hold them together, so suffice it to say, the most important tip of all is to check your fastenings and replace them when necessary. Rivets should be replaced periodically to prevent moisture from causing corrosive issues. Check that fasteners are tight and intact, replacing any duds immediately.

Other than all these key tips, it is also important to pay attention to the aesthetics inside the building. A regular lick of paint keeps things looking sparkling and new and it is absolutely true that when a building looks and feels new and clean, those inside it are more inclined to treat it with due respect.