The time to act and make a difference to your environmental impact is now. And what if there was a way you could do your part, save money and create a stunning new space with one swift, inexpensive blow of a steel hammer? Well there is. The answer lies in the steel.

Steel framed buildings have been growing and growing over the past decade and are now the go to choice for companies everywhere when it comes to creating an inexpensive, flexible, easy to maintain space for their growing business.

The building work needed to erect a steel framed construction is far less intensive than for other materials and that in itself comes with environmental benefits as there is far less of a carbon footprint involved in the construction process. Of course, you also get time and cost saving benefits associated with this. Once constructed, your steel framed building can be easily taken apart and moved to enable extensions or changing layouts. This is also incredibly green as it eliminates the need for additional building materials and construction.

Steel framed buildings are also very low maintenance and you will not need the kinds of toxic cleaning products required to prevent woodworm and other pests in other buildings. Once more it is clear to see that where there are environmental benefits there are also cost and time saving advantages associated with steel framed buildings.

Steel framed constructions are very light on the waste front as construction is incredibly precise and before anything is done on site, the materials are ordered and manufactured to incredibly precise specifications. Think about other construction types and how there is so much on-site adjustment required. There is so much wastage and additional carbon footprint. This is completely avoided with steel buildings. Steel construction parts in the UK are also 96% recyclable and because of the way steel lasts the test of time, re-use after the building’s life is nearly always an option.

Steel is also much lighter than concrete, wood and stone, which means that you don’t need such deep, extensive foundations for a steel building, which once again is good for the environment and the pocket! Steel pile foundations can even be removed and recycled after the building has been dismantled.

Steel framed buildings offer a hermetically sealed environment which, meaning draughts around windows and doors can be eradicated, ensures a big environmental benefit as less gas and electricity is required for heating in winter and cooling in summer. Air conditioning is particularly bad for the environment, and as there is better temperature regulation in steel framed buildings there is less need to reach for the air con. Once more, this offers cost-saving potential as well! Steel buildings reflect more, which helps reduce the ‘urban heat island’ effect, caused by traditional buildings storing up heat in their rooves, which rises at night, contributing to global warming. Finally, when you get your steel building it is most often standard practice to give it a cool coat on the exterior, helping both heat conservation and cooling depending on the weather.